​​About the work package

A dissemination plan will be drawn up by the WP leader (ARCA) and discussed within the Scientific and Supervising Committee for the final approval by the Steering Committee. It will focus on two main threads: promoting the reformed curricula, and raising the awareness of the importance of nanotechnology in the educational institutions and the industry.
This project is expected to become autonomous after the implementation phase and bring on multiplier effects on education, economic and environment. The sustainability of the Action can be figured out at different levels: a) the preliminary needs analysis; b) the structure of the courses; c) training activities; d) access to labour market. Moreover, sustainability is strictly linked to financial, institutional, social and environmental issues. A sustainability plan will be elaborated at month 7 by ARCA and JU, under the supervision of project’s steering committee.


6.1. Developing a dissemination and exploitation plan
6.2. Elaboration of project image and dissemination materials
6.3. Organizing workshops and info-days
6.4. Organizing an Electronic Town Meeting
6.5. Organizing local final conference
6.6. Developing a sustainability plan

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