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The main activity of the project is the functioning of the Centers. The Centers collects information on innovations, which are provided by CTIs of EU partners, and scientist and researchers of РС universities. All collected information is kept in the data-base, which is placed in a created web-site of CTI of partner countries. The Center is the data-base for information on needs of enterprises in innovations. Furthermore, this information turn into topics of scientific researches. Students of universities and other youth from ASRF will be involved in research activities. The database of the partner country CTIs will be regularly updated.
Producers with a developed economical thinking are interested in using innovation in their business. Therefore, a training activity will be organized at CTIs at PC universities. Almutaheda and VRE.THI.DEV. have excellent experience in the organization of economic training. One of their mission within the project is gathering and inviting participants for these training and assistance to trainers of CTI in conducting of training. The training courses are: using IT in search of information on innovations, the use of innovations in the process of storage, proceeding of agricultural products and provision of their transportation, accounting and audit of enterprises, effective methods of management and marketing in enterprises, preparation of business projects.
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4.1 Creation of website and support it's functioning
4.2 Creation of the database of CTIs and support function
4.3 Training activity
4.4 Consulting activity
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