About the work package
The aim of this activity is to learn from European experience from the staff of CTIs and authorities. Nowadays, the government of Jordan realized the relevance of economic education of entrepreneurs for the development of the economy and makes arrangements for the education of entrepreneurs and producers. The objective is to develop a capacity building and staff development in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship. After the analysis of WP1, a training program will be prepared by ARCA to enhance the skills of Jordanian staff in running CTIs. One of the most efficient ways for the achievement of this objective is the organization of innovation Centers similar to the Centers, which exist in Europe, but Jordan does not have enough experience in the establishment of such Centers. For an effective functioning of CTIs, it is important to have a precise representation of the strategy, methodology, mechanism, form, and means of innovation and training activities of such Centers. Therefore, learning of experience of European partners is included as an important activity to project. This activity is carried out in two forms: distance consultations and face-to-face consultations.

The work package leader


2.1 Development of Long-Term Capacity Building Plan
2.2 Selection of Training Staff
2.3 Consultations with the Jordanian co-beneficiaries
2.4 Training of trainers for participation at CTIs​

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