Preparation WP include analysis and identification of the training needs of future workers in innovation and entrepreneurship promotion centers in collaboration with enterprises and industrial bodies (Jordanian and European). Project stakeholders will be identified. A common questionnaire will be distributed to all stakeholders. The survey will be analysed to identify the needed skills and the methodology to follow in running the CTIs. Then integration of analysis of training needs with European experiences and methodologies will take place.
Final report on skills and the methodology and the needs identified will be prepared. The document will become the common manual in the WP relating training of the staff in EU partners’ institutions.
Jordan University of Science and Technology 
                1.1 Review local market needs for qualified people in the field of innovation 
                      and entrepreneurship.
                1.2 Identify training needs for officers of CTIs.
                1.3 Prepare a report that serves as the road map for the implementation of the

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